From clueless to being inspired and getting guidance and support – that’s my story. I knew what I wanted but didn’t know how to start. I got discouragements and vague answers when I asked people who I thought could help. I was losing confidence fast, and wondering whether I should just give up. After attending this seminar, my passion and confidence were renewed. My questions were patiently answered in a language I can understand. The icing on the cake is the SUPPORT group. Until now, I still get encouragement and sound advice from Marge and the other members of the group.

Jean Domalanta Castillo

I met Marge Aberasturi at the time that I was clueless about what to do after resignation.  I was trying to go for a freelance career but my kid was still being breastfed, demanded too much of me that VA jobs were difficult to handle. At the same time, I was itching to go back to baking after a decade or so of being in hiatus. When my husband gifted me a tabletop oven, I took it as a sign. I went blabbering to my family about how I plan to deliver pastries to my family food stall, but my sister beat me to it. As courtesy, I stopped my baking plans, but went on baking for my kids and husband. Three years after, Hobbies to Business happened.  Marge asked me during her lecture “Why haven’t you started yet, kahit paunti unti until you’re able to build up funds to buy baking stuff?” Well, that question stuck in my mind and made me restless. Going back to baking was met with a few heartbreaks, so the H2B group was that one thing, I think, that gave me the strength to look at things in a different perspective. This is a hobby I really want to pursue, something that will keep my blood pumping amidst life’s woes, and so I did. My friends came to notice my FB posts and were very much delighted with my cakes that they started buying from me. Suddenly all those ideas I have kept in my mind were brought back to life, thanks to the support I get from Marge and the new friends I have found in the H2B group.

To think that I was dillydallying in confirming my attendance due to lack of funds at that time. Looking back now, I still can’t believe how my stash of baking tools grew and my wall board filled with pending orders. Whatever I lost while trying to build a career after corp life, I found it here in this group. Blessed is the day I spent an afternoon with these ladies.

Nelle Tubog Gillesania

I attended the Hobbies to Business workshop with zero idea on how I can earn from my many hobbies. But that day turned into something. Marge inspired me to take my craft into another level. Few weeks after the workshop, I created a name for my future craft store that Marge also helped me decide. From then on my drive to turn my hobbies into business has never faltered.

You will spend over a thousand pesos attending the workshop but it’s all worth it. I gained not just knowledge but a support group that encourages me to continue what I started. Group of supportive people that will bring out the best in you.

Genaline Gaspar

#hobbiestobusiness is not an ordinary workshop. I joined the first session in August with a group of women who dream of pursuing a business. I take every opportunity as a learning experience, so when my small crafting biz, Jaz Arts and Crafts, was given the opportunity to be one of the loot bag sponsors on that first workshop, I jumped right in, in exchange for a workshop seat.

I see Marge as an empowered woman. She is not just a mentor, but also a good friend. I don’t have a formal education on entrepreneurship, but with #hobbiestobusiness I learned the essential skills in building my own business with my hobby – crafting. The best part of it is the Facebook group that Marge created where attendees share ideas and inspiration. Thank you, Marge, for pushing us to become entrepreneurs with our hobbies. I am confident now that whatever challenges I face as an entrepreneur, I have a community to run to.

Thank you for always giving us a “light bulb” moment during our sessions. Thank you for equipping us with entrepreneurial skills that you can’t learn from YouTube. Thank you to all the sponsors who truly support Marge’s advocacy in empowering women. Glory to God for giving us the ability to produce wealth with our skills. You may think you don’t have a hobby or skills, you just have to discover it. See you in the next #hobbiestobusiness workshop!

Jill Zarate